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Running time: 2min 


Running time: 2min 

Aubrey Saverino - Audio Reel 2021Artist Name
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The Digressions is a comedy web series Comedy TV is Dead calls a "refreshingly low key project [that] is genuinely one for the fans." Aubrey co-created and produces the series, and plays the lead character "Michelle". Check out the first episode of the third season here or view more episodes on Vimeo.

The Digressions
An Award-Winning Web Series
The Lost City of Witches
Immersive Audio Experience


Aubrey plays the lead character "Madam G" in the immersive audio experience "The Lost City of Witches" available online. You can listen to a sample of the "induction" at the YouTube link posted on this page or on YouTube.  

Headphones are recommended for the full audio experience.

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