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"The superb Saverino provides the requisite voice of reason"


"A tour de force for Saverino, who shows staggering stamina and a kinetic, intuitive sense for Ellen's quicksilver mind"

SD Union Tribune


"Saverino offers quintessential and even reverential substance"

Entertainment Today

"Aubrey Saverino is luminous in the role"

Albany Times Union

"Saverino's performance embodies the very meaning of tour de force... Ms. Saverino’s performance is charming, emotionally charged, and engaging"

"terrific solo turn from Saverino… stellar performanceOC Register 

Brilliantly brought to life by Aubrey Saverino... Aubrey’s magnetic solo performance was more than a well thought out journey of volume, texture and intensity. It was larger than life...Ms. Saverino swept away the audience completely

Show Report


"Played with great intelligence by New York-based Aubrey Saverino, who undoubtedly is one of the finest actors to take the PTC stage in recent years. She provides the moral and emotional center to the play...Saverino gives a nuanced, naturalistic reading to a character pulled in multiple directions” 

Bangor Daily News


"Aubrey Saverino is a smart, sexy, independent Elizabeth"

Troy Record

"Aubrey Saverino’s Jordan Baker radiates cool"

Orlando Sentinel


"Aubrey Saverino plays Ellen with such tireless grace and intelligence"



"With a breezy exuberance and an unrelenting stamina, San Diego-trained and New York-based actress, Saverino is simply stellar"

San Diego Drama King


"There's our protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, whose intelligence, wit and self- confidence is exquisitely portrayed by Aubrey Saverino with, well, equal intelligence, wit and self-confidence"



 "Saverino, part of the festival’s strong ensemble... (and a standout of last year’s Shakespeare lineup), takes a plum role and runs with it. Her Regan seems to have arrived in 18th-century England (where Noble has reset the play) straight from Osage County — swigging from a flask and engaging in dangerous liaisons to match anything from a Tracy Letts carnival of dysfunction". 

San Diego Union Tribune 


“Aubrey Saverino is a wise and witty Elizabeth Bennet”

Berkshire Arts Almanac


"As The Eternal Feminine, Aubrey Saverino bewitches." 

The Arts ETC


 "Swallow and Saverino are excellent as the scheming sisters".

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News  


"Everyone contributes, notably Aubrey Saverino's vivid Lady Percy"

Los Angeles Times


"Saverino's lively, shrewd and ultimately moving performance.."

North County Times


"Aubrey Saverino infuses the part with laughs and pizazz”

SD Union Tribune


"The production, anchored by Francis Gercke, as the rigid M.D., and the splendid Aubrey Saverino, as his allegedly healthy wife, is terrific”

San Diego Reader


"Woodhouse has an excellent cast headed by Saverino, whose Catherine is just the right combination of dutiful wife and curious experimenter longing for escape from the confines of her Victorian life"

SD Gay & Lesbian News


“The comedy is handled delightfully...Aubrey Saverino, is charming as the fun-loving schemer Maria.” San Diego News Network


“A deliciously comic subplot... Maria (the zesty Aubrey Saverino, is one of the fest's USD/Globe student actors and a fantastic find).”

San Diego Union Tribune


“It is Maria, Olivia's maid, who engineered the practical joke, and her character is jauntily and fully lived in MFA student Aubrey Saverino, who has a wonderful laugh and excellent timing.”

'Best of the night was Aubrey Saverino, who played Maria. It’s usually harder to bring life to a non-main character, but she made hers shine without stealing the limelight."

SD City Times

"Aubrey Saverino is splendid... outstanding theatrical experience" Stage Raw

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